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Your Path Towards Digitizing and Developing Your Institute/Center


Here we digitize your center, as we provide you with an application that helps you in your work and facilitates your communication with the surrounding community...

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Our Features


Digitizing your Center/

Digitizing your center will make it easier for you to access everything


Spaces for all center members

Every administrator or participant in the center has their own dedicated space with access to all the tools you need.


Facilitate communication

With the click of a button, communicate with all members of your center


Everything you need in one place

Inside the application, you will find anything you need, which will save you effort and time


Competitive Pricing

Our services boast competitive prices and quality commitment


Facilitating spread and attracting subscribers

By digitizing, your center will easily reach a multitude of people, thereby attracting subscribers effortlessly


Digitize your center and facilitate communication

Whether you have a social, cultural or educational center, you are in the right place, as we offer you a programmed application for your center that facilitates your work and increases and enhances communication with the surrounding community. The application contains all the tools you will need, whether you are the center director, mentor, user or volunteer...


Platform Sections

Center Director's Space

In this space, we provide the center director with all the permissions that allow him to manage mentors, manage courses and projects, manage all users, publish posts, enable monthly subscriptions, enable financial transfers, send notifications privately or publicly, and manage conversations.


Mentors Space


User and Visitor Space

The application is open to everyone, meaning there is no need to log in for visitors, as they can view all the contents of the application and can send a message to the center director. Participants can also participate in all courses and projects. Only the director or advisor responsible for the course or project must approve the request.

For the mentor dedicated space, we provide the capability for managing the courses under their responsibility. This includes adding sessions, accepting organizers, managing organizers, sending notifications to organizers, recording attendance and absences, and adding attachments to sessions. (The director of the center is the one who defines the powers of the mentor as he wishes).


Volunteer Space

The application allows volunteers to manage their volunteer hours, their own courses and projects, receive their own notifications, private conversations, send a volunteer request for non-volunteers and have it approved by the center director.

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