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A Bit About Me

After I finished my position in Parliament, I opened my first company, which specialized in enabling content, meaning, delivering content to the target audience in the best way, and tafter that we evolved to open other companies. Today, Vehand owns 21 different companies, each of which specializes in a different field.

The New thinking

As you can see, I have one certificate, and two I am still in the education stage where I have one or two semesters left, and I do not think that I will complete them, because I took what I need from the courses from them and also because I want to prove to the younger generation a new way of thinking, which is that the certificate is not as important as the skill and achievement.

In addition, the mother company Vehand is based on a new way of thinking about work, workplaces, employees and many other things

Work Experience

2018 - Now






Ceo of VeHand Company - Union of 21 companies

National representative of the northern district of 5 sectors "Arab, Jewish, Circassian, Bedouin and Druze

Chairman of the Education, Culture and Sports Committee next to the Chairman of the Committee, MK Yaakov Margi, in the framework of the Young Knesset.

Director of the Round Table at the Voice of Education Conference

Project manager " will introduce me " , a national project (was in cooperation with the Israel Association of Community Centers and the Dov Latman Foundation).

Member of three committees in the Knesset "Education Culture and Sports, Children's Rights, Social Justice


Spokesperson and journalist of the National Education Biennial Day.

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